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HRD Antwerp Diamond Grading Report

Report Number:
Report Type:
Natural Diamond Identification Report
Date of Issue:

The stone in accordance with the above mentioned number has been identified as a natural gem diamond.

Shape: heart
Carat (weight): 0.72 ct
Colour Grade: rare white +(F)
Clarity Grade: SI2
Polish: good
Symmetry: very good
Additional information:
Fluorescence: strong
Measurements: 5.81 x 6.56 x 3.25 mm
Girdle: medium 5.0 % faceted
Culet: pointed
Total Depth: 49.5 %
Table Width: 60 %
Crown Height (β): 10.0 %
Pavilion Depth (α): 34.5 %
Length Halves Crown:
Length Halves Pavilion:
Sum α & β:

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